The Guide To Finding & Selecting Genesis Child Themes

Switching to the Genesis Framework for WordPress has been the best decision I have made.

Genesis uses a combination of a framework theme (for function and SEO) and a child theme (for appearance and interface). By using Child Themes, Genesis user get a lot of options for the look and feel of their sites. Child Themes are commonly used by novice bloggers to get the look of the theme that they like. They are also used by professional as The most prolific theme developer is Studiopress, the developers of the Genesis Theme Framework. However there are several other developers that are also making Child Themes for Genesis. Finding them is a little challenging. My early research for this post consisted of over a hundred tabs in a browser window as I was sorting through the maze of theme developers and 3rd party resellers. My goal was to have a cohesive list of all the active theme developers and links to all the active demo sites for those Child Themes. Included in that list will be links to every single FREE Genesis Child theme out there.

The Ultimate Guide To Genesis Child Themes

So with that all said here is my ultimate resource for anyone researching or looking for Genesis Child Themes. This is intended for anyone like me that is reliant on choosing the best Child Theme for their site. More posts and features will be added as I develop them. Much more cool stuff is in development.

  1. A Quick overview and review of the Genesis Framework. A review/summary of the key reasons I switched to the Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress.
  2. A summary of my experience switching to the Genesis Framework. A personal review of my first few months of experience with Genesis, and of switching over my wife’s more established blog from a standard WordPress theme to the Genesis Framework.
  3. The Ultimate Catalog of ALL FREE Genesis Child Themes. A listing of every Genesis Child Theme that has been released for Free, sorted by developer. The current total is 43 FREE Child Themes.
  4. Guide To All Genesis Child Themes, by Developer. A Listing of every active Genesis Child Theme Developer including a summary of information like the number of themes they have for sale, licensing, pricing.