Disclosure Policy

For legal reasons, and because I just want to be completely honest I need to be clear about something, I intend to make money from the content that I share on DarrylBueckert.com.

Actually this is one of the reasons I created this site in the first place. Not only do I want to use this site to showcase my (hopefully awesome) abilities with the goal of working with those of you that would fit well with me, I also will use our ever-growing amount of (hopefully) awesome content to attract an audience that may be interested in the advertising or affiliate products that we may highlight.

Now here is the legal part. The FTC has made a ruling on the kind of disclosure that bloggers are required give. I am Canadian, and this site is based and run in Canada, but since the majority of readership is from the U.S. it only makes sense to comply with this ruling. Even if it didn’t I still like the idea of being this honest with my readers, it makes for a more trustworthy relationship.

Consider these points as 100% true for anything you read on DarrylBueckert.com.

  • Every piece of content may be used to promote products, services and affiliate business
  • I will only promote products or services that we either use ourselves, would consider using ourselves, or know someone who uses it and endorses it. The goal is to only promote products or services that offer or create High Value or our readers.
  • Any contest and/or giveaway has been paid for by myself, unless otherwise stated.
  • I cannot guarantee a positive review of any product or service. My commitment is to review fairly and assess the viability of said product/service based on its own merit. My goal is to give honest feedback for our readership community through the lens of which I am known.
  • I retain the right to provide advertising and sponsorship across this entire blog. I will only consider the right candidates that we believe fit with our following and provide a high value to our readers. I would never sponsor a product that we haven’t used or had some experience with personally, or have had a poor experience using.
  • I will not accept payment to review a product or service. I will review products or services that I have previously purchased ourselves, that have been given on demo, or that have been provided free of charge.
  • I promote affiliate partner business through this site that are relevant to our readers as a means to generating income. I will not always note the use of an affiliate link each time.

I appreciate each of my readers. Thank you for following us. I am working my hardest to provide great content that is of meaningful use to each of you. As such some of that content will include affiliate links to our own products or services and to others. I will use them only when we feel that their inclusion will add to the value of our content. In doing so, hopefully I can make this blog somewhat profitable for me which will keep me cranking out more great content.

Thanks for reading!


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