Comment Policy


Being able to engage on a site of your choice is one of the things that we like the most about the Internet culture as it continues to develop. I am in the process of creating a little community of people who love to talk about, learn about and enjoy photography, and just trying to be more of a complete person. As a result I LOVE COMMENTS! And I’m not talking about just the “Hey man you are awesome, or whatever” type comments, go ahead and agree or disagree or offer another opinion. Lets get this party started!

In order to provide some clarity, here are a few rules and guidance for our little community that I would like you all to be aware of. Please review the following policy and guidelines and let me know if you have any issues with them.

My Comment Policy and Guidelines:

If you are looking for the Coles Notes version of this policy, just read the first four points.

  1. You are 100% responsible for any comment that you leave. Remember this comment not only represents your opinion but you as a person as well. Take that into consideration before you click on the “submit” button. Take extra care if you are responding to another reader’s comment. We don’t post on any real contentious issues, so there should be no need to get all worked up.
  2. In legal speak, you agree to “Hold Harmless” any of the authors of DBueckertPhoto, and myself, Darryl Bueckert, of any and all repercussions, damages, liabilities.
  3. I reserve the right to moderate, delete, or change any content within a comment as we see fit. We rarely have had to do this so far, only to correct the spelling of names, etc. If I do make moderate or change a comment, we will make a note in the comment itself.
  4. At this point I review each comment before approving it, and try to do it quickly. Write a good comment and we will approve it and comment back to you. You are probably an awesome person that we would want to get to know. Post comments about penis enlargement or whatever and guess what, Akismet will catch you and we will delete those posts. Akismet is the best spam catcher out there, you feeling lucky?
  5. I strive to offer Quality posts and content on our site with the goal to attract other like-minded people into this community so that their comments can add to the Quality of the content. Please keep your comment of that nature, Quality.
  6. I do not take kindly to any objectionable language or personal attacks. Keep this in mind when choosing your words.
  7. Names: I prefer if you use your real name, but you can also include your online persona or brand name if you wish. For example, I would post on another blog using something like Darryl @ or Darryl (
  8. URL’s: Please include a link to your site (one that YOU control), if you have one. Not only would we like to check it out, but chances are that other readers will too. Alternatively you can link to your Facebook or Twitter account if you like.
  9. Please use a valid and function email address. I may want to get a hold of you. I will protect your privacy and will not share your email address without your direct consent.
  10. Please keep the amount of links in your comments to a minimum. Please refrain from using any kind of affiliate links in any comment.
  11. I try to respond to each comment, but make no guarantee of that.
  12. By publishing a comment on our site, you grant me license to use your comment in future blog posts, written material and any other form of publishing.
  13. Did I mention that I hate spam comments? Just don’t do it, I don’t want to have to install a CAPTCHA system on this site!

Do you have any kind of question, comment, etc about this policy? If so please contact us directly if you wish.