More New Sites: I wasn’t kidding about “four or five or six”

So when you own a bunch of domain names other than your primary .com address, what do you do with them? Yes, I own a bunch of other domain extensions, especially when the domain in question is my name! Well up until now I let them sit there and redirect to my main domain. And then I started thinking about the idea of personal branding, and trying to simplify the web experience. Most websites/blogs get so crammed with features that they become difficult, or at least un-enjoyable to use. The reason is that we end up trying to get them to do too many things. As a result, the message gets fragmented.

So then I started thinking about what I am trying to say with my sites. I first started out with and was going to do everything through it, photography, gear reviews, wordpress tutorials, life experiences, the works. Decision #1 was to split that in half, with photography alone getting moved to the and the remaining content staying here. I also added a second Twitter profile @darrylbueckert in addition to my first one @dbueckertphoto, to fully separate the two and create two “personas”. Right now I figure if you are reading my stuff here about WordPress, or Apple, or my life experiences, but aren’t totally interested in one of those topics, it is easy enough to skip past it. Whereas with photography, I decided that it needed to be totally focused on just that. In the future if this site starts to diverge enough, I may start to split off the content into other streams. For the foreseeable future, it will stay put here.

Decision #2 was to create some sort of landing page to make it easy for someone following one of my sites/persona’s to find the other(s). If you are interested enough, or like my stuff enough then you may be interested in the other projects I am involved in. I know this is the case with several personalities that I follow. They are interesting enough or I am interested enough in the other topics that they talk about. So that led to the birth of the landing page site, I plan to personalize this site a little more over time, but for now it serves the purpose for me to show all the sites that I run or contribute to. It is also very easy to add other sites to this now that it is set up. With two sites of my own( and, a partnership with my wife Jodi ( on her/our site. We are working on a re-design of that site as we speak which should be pretty sweet. I also will be co-writing a few blogs that are currently in development that some of you may find interesting. This landing page should make it easier to keep it all straight.

screen shot of landing page

Everyone with more than one site just needs a landing page

I thought I was done there, but then I found a really interesting theme that I thought would round out my quiver of websites quite nicely. is a site that’s sole purpose is to aggregate the RSS feeds from other sites. In my case it currently grabs the RSS feeds from the three main sites that I have already discussed. As new sites are created or if I start writing for other sites I will add their RSS feeds here too. This makes it easy to follow me, especially if you don’t use an RSS reader or use RSS feeds in general. This was a fun little site to put together and should grow with me, for now. All told it probably took me about an hour and a half to go from concept to completion on this one. Two reasons for that, one was a good theme (very important starting point ), and I had spent the week creating the dbphoto site, the landing page site, and the development environment for the NEW simply inspired home site (should be finished in 2 weeks or so), so I was in the “zone” to create another one.

RSS feed aggregator site for

If you have more than one site, why not show off your RSS feeds?

Take a look through these sites and let me know what you think. Landing Page RSS Feed Aggregator


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