Why Have One Blog When You Can Have Two (or Three, or Four or Five…)?

For those of you who started out with me from the beginning, today marks a fork in the road. I decided to split my site in two. DarrylBueckert.com will become the repository for my discussion on non-photography related topics. I have been through a lot of interesting experiences that have led me to this point that I want to share in the hopes that it inspires other people to do great things with their lives. Along the way I have, and continue to, learn a lot and like to share that with others as well.

I didn’t make this decision lighting; far from it. The idea of maintaining two sites (in addition to the other projects that I work on, like SimplyInspiredHome.com), their respective Twitter accounts and Facebook Fanpages, etc, made me really weigh this one out. In the end I decided that I have enough to talk about, and that those interested in reading over here may not be as into reading about all my adventures in photography. For those that do there will be more subtle linking back and forth so you can stay up to date. I am actually making a third site that does just that; it shows a snapshot of what is happening on all of my various sites.

I am excited about this change as it allows me to indulge in my multiplicitious (yes I just made up that word) personality, since I can switch between them easier than you as a reader could. If you are interested in finding out what makes me tick, then stay tuned.



  1. Can’t wait to see what you have in store… 🙂

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