Genesis Framework For WordPress: A Quick Summary

Genesis Framework for WordPress by Studiopress

Quick Summary Of Why I Use The Genesis Framework

I have moved all of my blog sites to the Genesis Theme Framework for WordPress. My first foray into the WordPress platform took me through the “standard” route of trying a free/cheap theme to get started. The problem with those themes is that they are too easily outgrown; they typically just aren’t flexible enough to handle growth. I wish I knew about it when I was first starting out.  I now not only have all my blog properties on Genesis, but I also endorse it to anyone I can. The reasons are fairly simple for me:

Reasons I Use The Genesis Theme Framework by Studiopress

  1. The appearance and function of the site is controlled by the use of Child Themes (like a “skin”). This means you have a lot of choice in how your site looks and functions that can easily be changed out while the backend function of the theme stays the same. With several sites on the go this is very helpful for me, not having to learn several different theme setups.
  2. It is written for optimal SEO (Search Engine Optimization). There are all kinds of extra fields to use for custom SEO titles, keywords, etc. How good is it? I have first page rankings in Google with a few of my blog posts on a site that was a few weeks old!
  3. It is written to be efficient and secure. Blog security is like home or auto security. I don’t know that much about WordPress, or web security for that matter, but knowing that it is highly rated helps me sleep at night.

Genesis Child Themes

It is suggested that you use a child theme, but you can use just the Genesis Framework if you want. By using Child Themes, Genesis user get a lot of options for the look and feel of their sites. Child Themes are commonly used by novice bloggers to get the look of the theme that they like. They are also used by professional as The most prolific theme developer is Studiopress, the developers of the Genesis Theme Framework. However there are several other developers that are also making Child Themes for Genesis. Finding them is a little challenging. Take a look at my Ultimate Genesis Child Theme Resource which will show you in one place all of the Genesis Child Theme Developers and links to their sites and their themes. There is also an expanding amount of FREE child themes, that only require purchasing the Genesis Framework itself, which I have also grouped together in one place.

The other advantage of Child Themes is that you can easily change the look and feel of a site by changing to a different theme, as I did here. Themes with similar menu layouts are a snap to change over. Themes with more specific elements may take a little longer to develop.

You may also want to check out my complete catalog to all the FREE Child Themes for Genesis.

How Does It All Work?

The Framework + Child Theme concept is a little confusing to start. The Studiopress/WordPress name similarities can also be a tad confusing (Studiopress is just a company name, nothing more). Here is a (very) simple analogy that helps explain it. Think of your WordPress blog as a house. The Child Theme is all the finish details that you see, the windows, siding, interior paint and decorating. Each house is decorated to taste or to function, much like every blog. If the Child Theme is the finish and appearance, the framework could be considered the structure of the house. The framing, roof, electrical, plumbing, etc. The framework provides all the required function, but goes un noticed when done well. Just like a home, some frameworks are done MUCH better than others, as a direct function of how good the builder and designer were at their jobs.

So if the Child Theme is the how the house looks and feels, and the framework is what makes it work, what role does WordPress play in this weird little analogy? In this context, WordPress is the Municipal services (sewer, water, power), it is the building code that guides the builders & designers. It is the city engineers that plan street layout and everything else that goes into making a community. Just like different towns & cities, some are better planned and build than others. Most people regard WordPress as being one of, if not the best, planned communities for building blogs. That leaves StudioPress and its Genesis Framework as the kick-ass designer that every one wants to design their homes.

Want to find out more about the Genesis Framework, head over to their site.

Genesis Framework for WordPress



  1. Thanks. I’m looking at all of my options for a site redesign and this was very helpful.

    • Great, glad it was helpful. I was helping someone develop a regular “premium” theme last week. It reminded me why I like the Genesis Framework so much. Fire me any other questions if you have them.

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